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  • Booking Process Overview
    Our online booking tool is a fast and convenient way to submit a request for an in-person visit with a resident of the Apotex Centre, Jewish Home for the Aged. Baycrest strives to ensure equitable access to outdoor visits so all residents have the opportunity to visit with their loved ones in person. Please note, Baycrest must adhere to ministry guidelines which stipulate that residents may have one visitor per week. In addition, space is limited due to infection prevention and control measures implemented to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. When submitting your request for an in-person visit, you will receive confirmation of your request via email. If we are unable to confirm your visit, you will be provided with the opportunity to select a new date and/or time using our booking form. For Hospital patients, a member of our care team will contact families to arrange a visit. Please click here to view the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.
  • Visiting Restrictions for Residents and Patients
    Click Here to View Visiting Restrictions
  • Baycrest Privacy and Information
    Click here to refer to our Privacy Code
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